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About the Business Mentors

The Business Mentors is not a company or an organization or an ordinary just a training & coaching institute; but it is the ideology, a thought process and the way of professional life. As the name suggest it mentors the business. Research says that 50% of the business that starts every year can’t see their first anniversary; 20% of them shut their operation in the second year and rest of them can survive then after. Have you ever imagined why does this happen? As simple as that they don’t get the right mentoring.

Everybody wants to succeed but how? This is the highly commoditized world and every second the world is changing rapidly; in such volatile,

uncertain, complex and ambiguous time who will show the path to entrepreneurs? Of course – The Business Mentors.

The Business Mentors is the new philosophy of business – especially the SME, MSME and NMSME sectors. The Business Mentors is the incubator of ideas.

Each organization wants to grow – but they don’t know what systems to install, which processes to be imbibed, which kind of DNA to be developed and pass on and what kind of family governance to be institutionalized; and here The Business Mentors comes in the picture – it guides you, coaches you, trains you, counsels you, mentors you, audits you, chisels you, pushes you, pulls you and finally establishes you. It takes your Business to Brand. Find out in the services section how can The Business Mentors contribute in your success story.