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Elections? – A Great Indian Political Drama

India's political structure is somewhat based on the British Westminster system. It consists of a president serving as head of state, a prime minister leading the executive branch, a parliament with an upper and a lower house (the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha), and a supreme court presiding over the judiciary.

Every five years, a first-past-the-post general election is used to choose the 543 members of the Lok Sabha. State legislators elect around one-third of the state representatives, who are indirectly appointed to the Rajya Sabha for staggered six-year terms, every two years.

Let us come to the point, that what exactly is the system or belief system that every voter adopts and even follows. Maximum number of individuals selects the candidate on the basis of their religion, or their social status but let’s be practical, can you really judge the candidate on the basis of this? Not really! Let me explain you how you can judge the candidate, very first thing that you have to do is not look at the candidate from your perspective but from the country’s perspective, with this you will be able to look at the advantages that country will get while from our personal perspective there could be a chance that advantage for us is disadvantage for other people.

Also make sure to look after the background of candidate, which can be educational, criminal, social or even financial. There are a whole lot of candidates who makes fake promises, starts giving donations when the date of election is nearer. Try not to make decisions on such gestures but go through the history of the candidate, if the one have ever fulfilled any of his promises or have had any criminal record, or ever changed the party because they didn’t get the ticket for election. After having all this information, you will be smart enough to make the decision that is best for country.

When elections are nearer, some random posts start popping up on your social Medias, which can possibly be a wrong information regarding the party or candidate that you must be aware of and double check the information before believing it, the decisions made from false information can turn out to be a bad decision for whole country.

One of the most important information you must know before giving your vote is the Policies given by the parties. Make sure to read all of the policies or the election manifesto put out by the candidate and/or political party you plan to support before casting your vote. Make an informed decision after comparing their policies with those put out by the other contenders. A responsible democracy is built on the foundation of an educated decision.

Why having all this information is important? When you have all the information about the candidate, you can make decision more practically and not emotionally. A lot of candidates don’t have anything to do with the country; they just want the fame and money for which they try to manipulate the audience with sweet temporary gestures.

During elections, it frequently happens that certain mischievous individuals cause chaos by saying offensive things and attempt to use violence to sway your vote. Be wary of them, and if anything like this occurs, report it to the on-duty police. An Ideal voter should have the sharper memory, first you notice the behavior and deeds of the particular party or candidate if it’s a positive deed or a negative deed, one must evaluate all the works, behavior, gestures and every possible thing and lastly make a thoughtful practical decision on the basis of what is been explained above.

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