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Our Team

Gaurav Trivedi

The Business Mentors – TBM is the brain child of a techno-crate who is also a management professional – Gaurav Trivedi. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s degree in the Human Resource Development. He is an artist by birth, a teacher by heart, a blogger, Youtuber, a poet & a writer by fad and the progression professional by profession.
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Priya Trivedi

She is the Co-founder of The Business Mentors and also the better half of our founder Gaurav Trivedi. It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman – so as the case here. Priya let Gaurav become Gaurav. She is the source of strength, inspiration and dedication not only for the founder but for everyone here at The Business Mentors.
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The Dhwalin

Chief Technology Officer
People don’t care what you know, they care how you express …..!!!! If the expression is not effective, the best of the best idea may also fail to make difference. Therefore our CTO – Chief Technology Officer The Dhwalin makes sure that everything that is being expressed from the platform of The Business Mentors must be crisp, effective, interesting and life changing.
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