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Resignation??: Not every employee who quits is an enemy

After Divorce, resignation is considered the 2nd most unwanted, unpleasant and gloomy thing. Resignation or quitting the job is actually a divorce between employee and an organization. Now question arises that why this professional divorce (resignation or absconding) does take place.

Indian workforce is considered the most emotional breed in the world and according to the survey it is believed that one of the major reasons for an Indian employee to quit job is not the higher financial aspirations but the treatment he has been receiving from his boss. Whenever a professional joins the job then many factors work as attracting factors like company’s reputation, brand value, culture, etc but the major reason when he leaves remains the same and that is maltreatment from his boss. Apart from that the inability of management and HR department to retain & defend that employee from the maltreatment is also playing pivotal role.

Most of the organizations have been the role model of hypocrisy i.e. when they need employee badly or when one is performing well then all the benefits are given to them even out of way treatment is provide; employees’ family members are also treated well; their children’s education is being planned in a grand way but the moment an employee utters to leave – the situation turns 360 degree completely.

The employee is first offered better opportunities and other benefits for retention but when he is determined to leave then this mental torture starts. He is now considered as the step son of the organization; he is boycotted from the important meetings & decision making, he has been avoided to share any important information or announcements of organization, he has been treated with lots of scepticism in everything, etc.

The organization can be big or small, MNC or local but such behaviour is uniform. But one thing is needed to be understood that not every employee is who quits is an enemy.  It is only that wavelengths are not matching anymore so they are moving on. Separation is a very painful stage and it has to b dealt with utmost care; following are certain tips to handle such separations.

  1. Whenever any employee resigns, try finding the reasons for that and not the faults
  2. Be normal & casual with employee who has resigned, if possible treat him with more respect
  3. Assuming that the employee who has resigned can be retained or can rejoin the organization so treat him that way only
  4. Farewell parties are not needed because if the employee would want to come back then he will feel hesitation then.

Apart from that post resignation counselling, Exit interviews, meeting with top management officials, etc can retain the talent – but remember one thing that - not every employee is who quits is an enemy.

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