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“A love between a man and his car can only be understood by those who have felt it…..!

Is your car not in use since weeks? Is your car parked somewhere since weeks? Is your car healthy? Do you love your car?

If all the above questions’ answers are “Yes” then this article is for you. We are experiencing nationwide lockdown since a month almost and as a result our cars are resting in parking lots or garages. Many of us are rest assured that cars are not in use so they don’t need much of the attention except routine exterior cleaning. If you also think so then you are wrong. Cars are very sensitive gadgets and they need extra care, extra nourishments and extra attention regardless they are in use or not.

In this article there are few simple tricks for maintaining your car even in case they are not in use.

  1. Start car engine at regular interval:  when your car is not in use and parked for longer period of time – it is possible that the battery may drain or malfunction; therefore at every 2-3 days start your car engine and keep it in the same mode for 2-5 minutes so all the parts related to engine will be in working position.
  2. Operate window glasses: if your car’s windows are not operated for a long then they may be jammed or may not work; therefore when you start your car engine, open and close all the windows’ glasses 3-4 times so that it will function smoothly when needed.
  3. Rotate the position: if your car stands still for a long period on the same place then the rubbers of your tyres may be hard at some positions, the valves of tyre tube may also malfunction; therefore when you start your car engine – try to move your car little bit here & there. If possible take a small round in your parking lot so the tyres’ positions will be changed and they will not be hard
  4. Don’t apply hand break: if your hand-break is applied while car is parked for days & days or for weeks then there may be issues with your rear tyres i.e. they may be jammed during parking only or they may suddenly jammed during running; therefore don’t apply the hand break when car is not in use for long time rather put the car in first or second gear shift.

So if you will just follow the above techniques then your car will be healthy for long time and will be ready to use anytime.

Courtesy: Mr. Tarun Patel (Owner: Tarun Motors and a dear friend of mine)