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“No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5% by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by your communication skills.”

From the above lines we can understand what is the role of communication in the life of any human. Communication is very complex and it's not just about sending messages  or emails but to translate the exact information you want to give to others. Communication is a very fundamental and important attribute  of any leader. As a leader you need to be a good communicator at various levels like with your team in your organization, your customers, your vendors in order to achieve your organization goals.

There are 2 types of communication: Verbal and Non Verbal. Verbal communication is what we speak and nonverbal communication includes your gestures, body language, facial expressions, your conviction etc. It is very important that your verbal and nonverbal communication is in sink to convince the other person. The art of communication is the language of leadership. Effective communication helps to perspicuously tell their vision to the team and encourage them to work towards a common goal of the organization. Also it helps people grow personally and professionally. Effective communication also includes active listening, it is observed that employees are more productive and generate better results when they are listened to properly and provided with solutions.

Why is communication necessary for any leader?

  1. Aligns the employees with the organization's vision and goals.
  2. Increases the trust of the employees towards the organization
  3. Increases the retention rate
  4. It helps create other  leaders within the organization
  5. Improves organizational culture
  6. It encourages team bonding and team work
  7. In the end it helps in the overall development and growth of an organization.

Tips for Effective communication

  1. Always involve everyone

Communication is not the end but the start of any work. It is very important that you have a two way communication with your team so as to get the best and relevant outcomes for any problems or work. 

If we do not involve everyone in taking the decisions then it may lead to dissatisfaction among the team which in turn will hamper the work. On the other hand if you have discussion with the team before making any decisions, they will only suggest ways to complete the task in an effective way, which helps them to do the work with confidence and within a given time frame.

  1. Always be available

Be such a leader that you are always available for everyone and also show that you are genuinely interested in giving the solutions for the points they have kept. Always keep an open door policy and make your team feel secure.

When you have an open door policy it will help the team to build trust in you as you have a personal touch with them and they will openly be able to discuss the issues going on which will in turn help to maintain a good culture within the organization.

  1. Keep your promises

Make sure that you do what you have promised, it is very important in gaining team trust. If as an organization we have promised anything to the team then as an organization it becomes our moral responsibility to fulfill the same. Many times we realize that by doing so it may hamper the time or finances of the company but still we need to do it as we had promised.

This will help the employees to rely on you as you have proved them the same with your past actions.You do for your team and in turn they will go above and beyond but get the task done. Always be sure that your words and actions do not clash and are consistent.

  1. Be trustworthy

Being trustworthy is important and it is attained through your actions and not words. If you are not able to build trust among the team members then they will always look for options and once they find a better option they will leave as they will have more trust in them.

So it is our responsibility that we build trust within our team which will help them to be with us for a long time.As an organization we need the trust of the employees, as it helps them to do their work with full potential.

  1. Be open to feedback

By taking feedback, the team trusts the leader and the organization as their opinions are taken into consideration for the betterment of the organization and team members. By taking feedback we get some very important and critical information which is necessary for the development of the organization. Taking feedback we get many points of views which help us get best solutions and help in implementing best practices in the organization.

Also feedback helps leaders to evolve and enhance leadership skills. Taking feedback makes your team feel that their opinions are taken into consideration which makes them feel respected. But always remember that if you take feedback and then do not work on that feedback then it will have a negative impact on the team.

Thus leaders who work on their communication skills build a trust among team members which in turn helps to achieve organization goals. I will also help leaders to grow their skills and become better leaders.

Being able to assist someone, a group of individuals, a community, a non - profit organisation, or a belief is what it means to have a sense of service. The act of performing a task for an individual or a group with no financial or other expectations gives one a sense of service.

In today's current times and in a real world where there must always be a giving and receiving policy, it is simply naïve to anticipate such a sense of service. However, there are some areas of your life where you should engage in acts of service without expecting anything in return from the same individual or group. That would be the true definition of service.

Why is Service Mindset important?

The goal of salespeople with a customer service mindset is to add value for clients. Agents are dedicated to assisting customers in achieving their goals and are invested in their success. This strategy is focused on the success of the customer both in the immediate and long term, whether it means coming up with a novel solution to a challenging issue, offering a discount to defuse a situation, or simply offering a warm and welcoming service.

How to cultivate a service Mindset?

The culture of your team must support a customer service mindset if you want to implement one. Management must establish an example for the team through leading by example in order to accomplish this.

Your customer service team's tagline might serve as a mission statement. Be direct and concise when choosing your team's motto. Customers should be the centre of attention, and agents should be encouraged to deliver dependable, superior service.

You can modify your training courses for customer service representatives to include activities that teach them about your consumer personas.

Organising monthly or weekly contests is one approach to keep service personnel interested. These may be focused on sales representatives with the best customer satisfaction ratings or those who accept the most cases.

Customer reviews serve as both a reward as well as a lesson for customer support representatives. Even though it's wonderful to get favourable feedback, every time you get a bad review, you're reminded of the need for consistency.

Your representatives should work to resolve problems as soon as they arise, but they should also look for opportunities to establish rapport with clients. After all, it's possible that some of your customers may utilise your support services frequently.

Some salespeople become competitive when discussing metrics and data. The numbers enable people to see their accomplishments and chart their development over time. By eliminating data silos and opening up service reports to your team, you may empower these personnel.

Present experienced salespeople with non-customer-facing initiatives and chances to keep them interested. When handling routine service cases, this may cause them to become distracted and make errors.

Employees don't have much reason to work hard if they aren't paid for it. Reps will only offer the bare minimum if there is no system in place to reward hard performance.

Your representatives should make an effort to tailor solutions to customers' demands rather than their own convenience. Customer success should be the goal of service representatives rather than short-term remedies or quick fixes.

What happens when you don't have service mindset:

A poor customer service experience might seriously harm your reputation if your organisation is online. Whether it's a bad review, an outraged remark on Twitter, or something else, irate customers frequently take to their keyboards and express their emotions online.

This can be offset by offering the consumer certain advantages, such as a refund for inconvenience or a particular service that will help you keep the customer. You lose sales when you lose customers. Depending on how severe your customer loss was, the amount of revenues you lost as a result can have a long-term effect on your company's financial situation.

I am into a traditional family business of Papad making; this is a 23 years old small scale industry and has been running smoothly in a limited territory. My mother founded this business 23 years ago and I always had the wish to expand its horizons; as a result of this thirst I came into contact with Mr. Gaurav Trivedi & his team from The Business Mentors.

The most amazing thing about him is that he is very responsive and empathetic that without having a formal contract or mutual agreement to work, he always guided me on my professional queries. He has the wonderful listening skills which has helped me to come out with my concerns & ideas…. His right advice and deep knowledge has invoked me to hire his services. I took his service to re-brand my business and penetrate to various other territories where his team and he himself has contributed so satisfactory outcomes. I strongly recommend him for any kind of business consultation.

Divya Patel

Owner of Maa Bhuvneswari Papad

Being into Civil Aviation Industry previously, I have been aiming for very professional standards and work culture when I diversified in this industry – Interior Designing and artefacts. Somehow I was struggling to impart the dedication and professionalism into my team which I have imbibed during my foundation days; then we came into contact with The Business Mentors and we hired their personal consulting services. I’d not say that miracle has happened but things started moving gradually in the right direction which might have become stagnant.

Gaurav Trivedi, the founder and lead consultant of The Business Mentors, helped a lot in designing the organization structure, detailed narration of responsibilities of key people and helping us in setting the standard procedures. He has also helped us visualizing to form an organization than just being happy at showroom level; for the same he enlightened us to make the vision of next 1 year and we are on edge of preparing the roadmap of the same.

We are very excited to work with him as he always keeps us vigilant about what we do.

We wish to have long term business association with him & The Business Mentors.

Mona Patel

Fonder of Dhruaa Interior

I am into the business of commercial and residential construction having an intense experience of 10+ years and running company since a decade. With the passage of time the work grew but not the system. I started facing some managerial challenges and then I came across The Business Mentors; Mr. Gaurav Trivedi is the lead consultant of the business mentors and giving us the consulting on business growth.

Under his guidance RV construction made its organizational organogram; articulated the detailed job profile of key people and working on the next 2-5 years of action plan. Beneath his able guidance – RV constructions made detailed SOPs for phase wise construction work and ensured to install the full proof system for complete client satisfaction. We are really enjoying Mr. Gaurav’s consulting and looking forward many more insightful contributions from him in future.

Roshan Patel

Founder of RV Constructions.