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“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.”

In previous article we talked about new job, salary negotiation, work life balance and stress in job. In this article we shall talk on maintaining the emotional quotient and maintain emotional equilibrium during the most frustrating, undesired and unwanted working conditions.

Today, the social media revolution driven era has contributed in drastic reduction in the patience & tolerance level of both employees and clients/customers. Because of that all the conglomerates & big companies have entered in the dogfight with each other to capture each others’ talents and market share. In this chaotic situation the most important thing which has completely forgotten and side tracked is the work life balance, mental peace and emotional equilibrium.

Today everyone is in the race of to be first, fastest and best and because of this rat race the contenders’ mental peace is at stack and in battle of building a great corporation, sometimes we end up in building pressure cookers and nothing else which gives just pressure and nothing else. Here are certain tips which may help you even before entering such corporation to the sustaining in undesired atmosphere.

  1. How to face complex questions in the interview:

“Tell me something about yourself” - this tricky & deceptive questions may look like an ordinary and casual one but it requires a hell lot of preparation of yours. What would you want to depict in this answer? Your history of previous job or your life story or just showing your LinkedIn page? Don’t ever think doing so because the interviewer has already all your detail and he / she expects you to be spontaneous, innovative & yet effective. Rather study the core vision & values of organisation before appearing in an interview and then talk about your possible contributions in alignment to those values. In short you have to convince them how and why you are the only bet solution of their hunt.

The most tragic, awkward and painful situation in the job is deception by the boss or the immediate supervisor. Many times such bosses manipulate the decency and innocence of the subordinate and keep giving false promises of promotion, growth, etc; Every time when it takes place – one thinks to quit the job and go away but every time this may not be possible. If, because of any inevitable situation, you cannot quit the job then there are certain preventive measures assuring your safety. They are – always have respect for others, keep giving credit to others for their work, if somebody is snatching away your credit then make sure the key people are aware about your contributions, don’t suppress your feelings – let them come out in a proper way; ultimately don’t compromise with your own core values. Because of your boss don’t become something which you never want to become.

Criticism is our in born talent cum hobby. We always criticise something or someone every time; but research says that continuous criticising results into the decreased creativity & enthusiasm. If you will criticise constructively then team would also reciprocate positively but your stubborn and offensive way of criticism may encourage them to rebel and non cooperation. Listen to the team, analyze, then explain what corrections needed and then encourage them.

Courtesy: Harvard Business Review (Case studies & Tips)   

Every employee has a hidden dream that someday I will start my own business and become an entrepreneur but in reality it is not that much easy; most of the times when an employee attempts becoming a promoter – he encounters failure at the very beginning. This is not a thumb rule that every employee who starts something of his own will fail for sure but the trend has proven that.

Now few questions arise – why an employee does the day dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? Employee thinks for whom I am taking this much toil? What if I do even 1/10th of this what I am doing currently but for my own venture? What is my future security? How long shall I be doing this?

Here the discussion is not to conclude that job is inferior, bad and entrepreneurship is superior and good; every coin has two sides same way the shift of an employee from employment to entrepreneurship also has two sides and one has to understand the basics of that else there will be unwanted, undesired and unpleasant consequences to answer.

Let’s understand the very basic yet very vital phenomenon through some very though provoking points as mentioned below:

Lastly, I would say only one thing – entrepreneurship is a mind game so if you are mentally strong and committed not to look back then jump into it and cherish the fruits of entrepreneurship.

If you have any questions, doubts, queries or confusions regarding entrepreneurship then write to us we shall get back.