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I am into a traditional family business of Papad making; this is a 23 years old small scale industry and has been running smoothly in a limited territory. My mother founded this business 23 years ago and I always had the wish to expand its horizons; as a result of this thirst I came into contact with Mr. Gaurav Trivedi & his team from The Business Mentors.

The most amazing thing about him is that he is very responsive and empathetic that without having a formal contract or mutual agreement to work, he always guided me on my professional queries. He has the wonderful listening skills which has helped me to come out with my concerns & ideas…. His right advice and deep knowledge has invoked me to hire his services. I took his service to re-brand my business and penetrate to various other territories where his team and he himself has contributed so satisfactory outcomes. I strongly recommend him for any kind of business consultation.

Divya Patel

Owner of Maa Bhuvneswari Papad

Being into Civil Aviation Industry previously, I have been aiming for very professional standards and work culture when I diversified in this industry – Interior Designing and artefacts. Somehow I was struggling to impart the dedication and professionalism into my team which I have imbibed during my foundation days; then we came into contact with The Business Mentors and we hired their personal consulting services. I’d not say that miracle has happened but things started moving gradually in the right direction which might have become stagnant.

Gaurav Trivedi, the founder and lead consultant of The Business Mentors, helped a lot in designing the organization structure, detailed narration of responsibilities of key people and helping us in setting the standard procedures. He has also helped us visualizing to form an organization than just being happy at showroom level; for the same he enlightened us to make the vision of next 1 year and we are on edge of preparing the roadmap of the same.

We are very excited to work with him as he always keeps us vigilant about what we do.

We wish to have long term business association with him & The Business Mentors.

Mona Patel

Fonder of Dhruaa Interior