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It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle…. ” – an old proverb says about the beauty of the healthy and fit aging process…..!  But what if the brain starts aging & exhausting swiftly? Yes, with the increasing age some people develops wrinkles and devaluation to brain… and that’s where the ferocious disease starts taking over – an Alzheimer.

Alzheimer is such a disease that eats up your memory; with the increasing age a person starts feeling difficult memorizing the things; gradually the fierce stage comes where that person forgets even their loved ones. Apart from memory deflation, Alzheimer has some other symptoms also like forgetting names in beginning, difficulty in expressing one’s own views & thoughts, difficulty in obeying instructions, not able to understand even the easiest things and a lot more.

Alzheimer is the biggest reason of dementia; this happens because in Alzheimer, the brain cells starts getting weaker day by day and one fine day they die; because of this brain starts malfunctioning. Alzheimer is normal diseases if we diagnose it in an early stage and starts its treatment; but if we overlook at it then it will take a toll of your memory forever.

Symptoms of Alzheimer:

When should you consult a doctor?

If you find any of the above symptoms since more than a fortnight then don’t wait for a single moment to consult a doctor. The physician or a doctor can prescribe proper medication and other alternative treatments. Early the diagnose, early the damage control. With proper treatment Alzheimer can be coped up but it cannot be cured completely.

Therefore remember prevention is better than cure. Spread this article and help someone in need.