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Imagine what if you don’t charge your laptop or mobile and keep using it? After some threshold point, they won’t work, will they? We need to charge them t regular interval to make them function accurately.

Now think about the human body and human mind; we keep them working day & night – but do we ever think to charge them? Rejuvenation is the charging for human body & mind; but where do we get from? We, humans, are not programmed machines but we are made of 5 elements of nature and therefore we need to be with nature when we are in need of such rejuvenation.

I left in search of such a natural place where I can be in nature’s lap and I came across a wonderful place – Fazlani natures resort near Lonavla. This place is indeed having a serene beauty, pure oxygen to breathe in, private bird sanctuary where you can talk to birds and lots of greenery.

We have been so activity driven people; we cannot stay for a single minute without our gadgets and therefore our mental peace has been reaped apart. We have everything, all materialistic things but we are not happy, we feel incompleteness and we strive for some mental peace & happiness. Fazalni is the shelter for all those who feel so.

Take a break from routine fast moving life, come to nature, rejuvenate yourself and get back to your work with lots of new zeal & energy.