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A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went – Dave Ramsey

Budget is most widely used but least bothered, understood and concerned phenomenon; when we hear about budget the only gigantic numbers and figures come in the mind. Budget is very usual thing I’d say, because everything you do or aspire to do would firstly need a budget estimation, i.e. if you want to buy a home, buy a new car, going on a vacation, admission of children in a reputed institutions, getting children married, life-style, etc every aspect of life would need a thorough understanding of budget – so as with the nation.

Since last few weeks, ‘Budget’ word has been in limelight as India - one of the largest economies of globe was to announce its budget for 2021-22.

Let’s try to understand the Budget 2021 via few simple Key Takeaways 2021 for Personal Finance

Credit: Deepak Dhabalia, DD’s Real Wealth Maximiser