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The strongest people are those who win battles we know nothing about

Yes, the entire world is fighting a battle since a year against a demon –Covid19. In this deadly battle some have lost, some have exhausted and some have vanished ……. But over and above all some have managed to survive…..more specifically I’d say thrive. So now question arises why some could not survived and some thrived? After an intense brain storming, I reached to conclusion that it is all about your mental health and mental state. The more you be optimistic, the more you become powerful to fight against this demon.

Now question arises how to remain confident, calm and composed in this volatile and uncertain times. According to a survey, approximately 80% of the diseases are caused by mental stress; this impacts on the immune system. In current times immune system is the pivotal part of our lives. Therefore we must ensure to keep stress away.

 So, here are some tips to keep you stress-free.

  1. Meditation: 

There are many techniques to do meditation. You can chant some mantras, focus on your breathing, listen to some guided audio during meditation or perform some yoga. These activities will help you keeping stress away.

These days your diet should be healthy, enriched with protein, minerals and vitamins. Fruits can be your best friends these days. Such food helps keeping the stress away.

If you feel hyper anxiety, extreme stress or pressure and if you are unable to handle them on your own then please don’t hesitate to seek medical help. Some good psychiatrists or counselors can really help you out

Apart from this some activities can really make you feel relieved, like:

Remember, हमें पॉजिटिव रहना हे, बनना नहीं हे ....    Stay safe and spread positivity…