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गुरु गोविन्द दोनों खड़े, काको लागु पाय...

बलिहारी गुरुदेव की जीने गोविन्द दियो बताय l

The above lines show the importance and significance of a mentor, a teacher and a Guru in life. In our Indian culture Guru’s consign is very lofty and inimitable. But gradually with the rise of the modernization and widespread acceptance of western culture – the teacher’s place has been commoditized, devalued and side tracked.

One of the major reasons behind this is today’s generation has even evolved so well that they are brighter, sharper and smarter than a generation decade ago or two decades ago. They are so tech-savy that even 2 years small children are able to surf on internet / YouTube and find their favourite cartoons. Therefore, I firmly believe that today’s generation is an updated model and if we (majorly who are in teaching segment) would not update & upgrade our style then we will be outdated. To upgrade and & update one self, I would suggest to focus on the following 8 factors.

  1. Behavioural Attitude: Today is the era of technology and because of that content has become so easily available; even a school drop-out, with help of internet, can learn and study the syllabus of IITs / IIMs; but what matters is the connection and not the content. Whatever content is available today, how it is going to be applied in real life – if that connection is shown then students will accept you as a great teacher. 
  2. Your Inspiration: Inspiration is the elixir of life. If you see your life and throw some light on your past then you will come to know that whatever you are today is because of somebody’s inspiration. Teach to express and not to impress. Inspire a child to be something and be remembered forever in somebody’s heart.
  3. Sympathy & Empathy: There is a very thin difference between sympathy and empathy; being a teacher one should have no sympathy to the 50 students in the class but the empathy. Empathetic approach will connect you to child and you will feel that his / her problem is yours too and then you will be able to help them to get rid of it.
  4. Our Habits: Change is the only constant in the universe and therefore we should also practice this law. The life-long habits of past 20-25 years are not going to help you out. The world is rapidly changing an if you don’t upgrade yourself then you will be outdated. Remember, what brought you here will not take you there. So change your habits to adjust with the rapidly changing needs of the hour.
  5. Personality: Being a teacher is a big responsibility; you are the public figure and many people are watching you. Some of them may also imitate you so you have to be very cautious on your personality aspects both internal virtues and external appearance i.e. how you walk, how you talk, your behaviour, dress-sense, presence of mid, wittiness, problem solving ability, etc. Remember, children won’t do what you say; they will do what you do.
  6. Innovation: Today to hold a child for whole 1 hour of lecture / class has become tougher than climbing an Everest. Therefore the teaching pedagogy needs a tremendous amount of transformation; and this transformation will come only through innovation. Unless you innovate the new teaching styles, the students are not going to connect with you. This innovation should be so interesting that children literally fall in love with a teacher and the subject.
  7. Smile on Face: Who likes the pale & gloomy face? Smile is the best attire you can ever wear. So always smile because as a teacher you may have to come in contact with many other people like parents, management and other officials; smile will make your half work done very easily. So Keep smiling and make others smile.
  8. Your Nature: Your nature will decide whether you will earn that place in students’ hearts; a caring, compassionate, empathetic and broad-minded nature will always be preferred and admired.

Share this article to all teachers and students you know and help them enter into a loving bond and a life-long cherished memory.  You can also share your views, suggestions and comments below this article; also you can post your queries or doubts regarding this and we may indulge into the healthy discussion and learn something new out it.