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The Management Ka Devtaa – Ganesh ji

One of the most well-known and revered gods in the Hindu pantheon is Ganesha, who is also known by the names Ganapati, Vinayaka, and Pillaiyar. India is covered in images of him. He is worshipped by all Hindu sects, regardless of affiliation. Ganesha devotion is widespread and extends to Jains and Buddhists as well as to those in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, and other nations with sizable populations of people of Indian descent.

Ganesha is a composite name made up of the Sanskrit words gana, which means "group, multiplicity, or classification system," and isha, which means "lord or master." A category, class, group, association, or business is what the phrase more broadly refers to. The phrase "Lord of the Ganas" has been interpreted by some interpreters to indicate "Lord of Hosts" or "Lord of Created Categories," such as the Elements.

For us to advance in life, Lord Ganesha removes the impediments and clears the path. The god of wisdom, understanding, and prosperity is known as Ganesha. Hindus hold that He aids in removing every roadblock in one's way. Additionally, he serves as a good example for others by way of his appearance.

Big Head: The enormous head stands for a wide ocean of information, as well as open-mindedness and forward-thinking. According to certain myths, Lord Ganesh's head was taken from an elephant and represents insight and knowledge.

Large Ears: Without effective listening techniques, communication would be lacking. The size of Ganesha's ears suggests that he is good listener. Similar to how good listeners make successful investors, so do. A wise investor solely pays attention to sound financial advice.

The Trunk: Ganesha's trunk's flexibility is a representation of his flexible nature and his willingness to do what is right. As a result, the lord is indeed called Vakratundaya.

Mushak (Rat) as Vahana: While every other god picked an animal like an elephant, horse, etc. as their Vahana. Ganesh Ji's choice of a rat as his vahana demonstrates that he recognised the Rat's potential and made the greatest use of the available resource. It also advises to focus on one's positive traits rather than their flaws.

Big stomach: Lord Ganesha’s stomach is also gigantic which actually refers that he has many secrets kept in his stomach and he is truly a someone who is reliable; he thereby teaches us that we also have to adopt the virtue of integrity and keeping confidential things secret and not to reveal with everyone; this will save us from becoming vulnerable.

2 Wives: Ganesh ji’s is master of Ridhhi & Siddhi; it simply denotes that of you also become auspicious in your Karma, cultivate the positive and holy aura then you can also attract the abundance, success and grandeur in life.

So, let’s cherish this great devotional festival and learn such amazing virtues from this management ka devataa Ganesh ji.

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